In the next fifty years, man will have to use the available agricultural land even more efficiently than is currently the case. Automation and robotization will have to make a breakthrough in this. Precision Makers is probably the first company in the world that is fully specialized in the automation of the agricultural and horticultural sectors. Precision Makers supplies a wide range of solutions for professionals in the agricultural and horticultural sectors: Greenbots, robot packages, measuring and control systems, and GPS products. Being part of the successful Dutch Power Company (DPC) gives us plenty of room for innovation and expansion. The DPC companies have laid the foundations for the efficient upkeep of water management, for the management of public spaces and for working agricultural land in Europe. They are also companies that have a leading position in the rest of the world. Precision Makers is a logical step forwards in the mechanization of the agricultural and horticultural sectors. It is our aim to automate every work task and to reduce the need for human labour. We put the machines themselves to work and in doing so, we are one step ahead of the rest.


The Greenbot can perform many different tasks all by itself. The machine can mow, sow, plough or fertilize 24 hours a day.


With the X-pert robot packages from Precision Makers, you achieve a maximum reduction in your labour needs, while producing a perfect final result with maximum returns. You also have the certainty of a short payback period, simple operation and safety.


YieldMasterPRO automatically, easily and precisely registers the yield levels for different plots of land. This is crucial information for your business.