Measuring is the key to knowledge

Many farmers still assess their harvest results based on the average return of a plot of land. Of course, they know that there are variations in return within a single plot, but they are not able to say where the variations are, nor what the size of the variations are. With the YieldMasterPRO, it is possible to accurately determine the return of a field of potatoes, beets or onions. YieldMasterPro provides useful information, which the farmer can use to make better decisions concerning the choice of crop, variations in soil treatment and treatment of the crop within a single plot of land with an accuracy up to the nearest metre. YieldMasterPro can even be retrofitted to existing machinery and is suitable for almost every type of harvester. It is an investment that pays for itself.

The knowledge to increase the return

YieldMasterPRO automatically, easily and precisely registers the yield levels for different plots of land. Crucial information for your growing strategy and your business. Information that ensures that the financial result of a plot is increased, which does not always automatically mean more crops. A better financial result can also be achieved by using spraying agents and fertilizers more efficiently. You increase your knowledge with every harvest. Knowledge that you can use to increase the return year after year.

The basis of the YieldMasterPRO is formed by two weighing cells, which measure how much product runs along the conveyor. The driving speed, the speed of the conveyor and the GPS position are also measured. That makes it possible to calculate, for example, how long it takes for the beets to get from the soil to the storage location. From there, the system calculates where the plant was located on the field. In theory, every potato plant, onion or beet is measured and saved individually.

The YieldMasterPRO system consists of a colour touchscreen, hardware for processing the signals, weighing cells and sensors for measuring the driving speed and the speed of the conveyor. Thanks to a CAN bus connection, it is also often possible to record vehicle information, such as location-specific fuel consumption.

The Precision Makers software combines the information from the weighing cells, the speed sensors and the GPS in return maps. The calculated return is saved and simultaneously displayed on the touchscreen. Even during harvesting, you receive an instantaneous overview of the variation within a single field and between different fields. The vehicle weights are also recorded, overviews of different areas of fields and different days are automatically generated and harvest details of the harvested fields can be viewed.

Precision Makers Yieldmaster Pro
Precision Makers Yieldmaster Pro