The X-pert package

The X-pert package from Precision Makers makes it possible for your existing machines to work autonomously. The X-pert package is a state-of-the-art robot package that combines reliability with precision. The package is available for all tractors and mowers. You achieve a long-term saving with a single investment. You do not only save on manpower, but you also increase the usability of the machine, because it can be used day and night. This is ideal, for example, for mowing golf courses or spraying fruit trees. You also enjoy the advantages of working with GPS: straight lines, tidy work and less overlap. If you choose an X-pert package from Precision Makers, you choose the most advanced software and GPS systems that have proven themselves in practice.

Never work yourself again

The X-pert package from Precision Makers is available for tractors and mowers. The package ensures that you never have to do the work yourself again. With the aid of the most advanced software and GPS systems, it is possible to work with the precision of an expert, with an accuracy down to the nearest millimetre. You can program a tractor or mower with an X-pert package to do every possible work task. That is all you have to do! X-pert is automatically the best.

Get started in less than 5 minutes

Precision Makers uses Teach & Playback technology for the X-pert package. To record a work task, you carry it out as usual and the machine saves all the actions, such as driving, steering, accelerating and even raising and lowering the mower and turning on the sprayer. After that, you can play back the recorded route as often as you wish. The unmanned machine precisely repeats all the actions. X-pert’s memory is large enough to save hundreds of actions. The system is operated via an operating terminal on the armrest: available in different languages, with a touchscreeen and 3D display of the route. It is easier to operate than a video recorder; you can get started in less than 5 minutes.

Fewer people, greater return

Working more cleverly increases productivity. Also in fruit farming and golf mowing, where tasks such as spraying and mowing are often repeated. By equipping your tractor or mower with intelligent X-pert technology from Precision Makers, the machine can perform the work all by itself. And this means that more work can be done using fewer people.

Safety first

The machine has various safety systems. The system checks itself and the machine stops if an obstacle is detected in front of the tractor, which the operating system will inform you of via a text message.

Automatically the best

X-pert uses RTK-GPS with an accuracy up to the nearest centimetre. This guarantees the best end result. No professional could do better. Therefore, with X-pert in your tractor or mower, the work is automatically the best.

John Deere met Xpert van Precision makers
Fendt met X-pert pakket verricht autonoom werkzaamheden