A versatile all-rounder

Greenbot is the first self-driving machine that has been specially developed for all professionals in the agricultural and horticultural sectors that perform work tasks that are regularly repeated. This can vary from work for fruit farming, horticulture and arable farming to work in the municipal sector. Greenbot can also be used at the waterfront or on roadsides. Greenbot is an investment that produces the highest return wherever it is used.

At the front, it has a Cat I lifting device that can lift up to 750 kg. The Cat II lifting device at the rear can lift up to 1,500 kg. Greenbot is available in two widths: 1.3 metres or 1.8 metres. The ground clearance is 35 centimetres, but this can be increased by using larger tyres. Greenbot has a reliable Perkins/FPT engine. The four steered wheels ensure maximum manoeuvrability.

Greater performance for less effort

The Greenbot can perform many different tasks all by itself. The machine can mow, sow, plough or fertilize 24 hours a day.

Simple operation

The software is user-friendly, safe and reliable. Greenbot can work fully autonomously via ‘Teach & Playback’. For some jobs, Greenbot is able to plan its own route and tasks fully independently.

Safety first

If Greenbot comes across an obstacle that it does not recognize, it stops immediately and informs the owner. Greenbot works more safely than a professional who carries out a job whilst driving a vehicle.

Short payback period

Greenbot makes expensive human labour unnecessary. Fewer components also means cheaper maintenance costs. The timeless design means you have less depreciation and the fuel costs are lower because the robot chooses the ideal setting.

Onbemande tractor die autonoom werkzaamheden verricht
Greenbot Precision Makers GPS onbemande tractor groene sector autonoom werkzaamheden verrichten veelzijdige alleskunner